Xxx streaming webcams Natural Language Processing Business ApplicationsLast updated on See more articles like this one in the following categoriesExecutives worry about their businesses.They often have to navigate with limited resources a stormy market made of customers competitors and regulators and the interactions between all these actors make finding answers to business questions a complex process.But recently machines have demonstrated their abilities to help shine some light on this chaos and provide if not direct answers context clues that help guide executives inusing AI to to handle business problems.In this article we delve intoexamples of how natural language processing NLP business applications can be applied at scale to address 5 pressingbusiness questions.Five NLP Business ApplicationsHow can I keep my customers happyNLP is used by computers to manipulate human language whether to extract meaning generate text or for any other purpose. The interaction computerlanguage is categorized according to the task that needs to be accomplished summarizing a long document translating between two human languages or detecti

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